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Boiler Maintenance & Boiler Servicing by MM Bagnall Refractories Ltd

Specialist Refractory Supplies and Installations.

I, Mike Bagnall and my team are ideally and uniquely positioned to deal with all matters relating to your boiler and refractory.

Regular maintenance is a must.

100% Satisfaction GuranteedThe regular maintenance of your refractory brickwork is the secret to its optimum performance and long, safe existence.

The design of your refractory quarls depends entirely upon the make and model of your burner.

Listed below are a few of the more common burners which we can cater for:

  • Saacke

  • Hamworthy (AW Range & B Range)

  • Dunphy

  • NuWay

  • Electroil

Please remember, when checking, that your burner may be fitted to any of the following boilers...

  • Senior Green

  • Cradley

  • Danks

  • Wallsend

  • Beel

  • Allen Ygnis

  • Hoval

  • Marshall CB

  • GWB Steamblock

  • JT Cochran

  • B & E

  • Ideal Brittannia

  • Ideal Vanguard

  • Beeston Robin Hood

  • Crane Whitehall

  • Hartley & Sugden

  • Potterton

  • Hamworthy AW1 and B2 Range Precast Quarl Segment

To keep shut down time to a minimum, the majority of boiler doors can be cast in situ, which does not require the boiler to be moved. Manufacturing all types of special precast refractory shapes to suit customer requirements, from burner quarls to furnace hearth blocks.

If you don't see the brand name of your boiler or burner listed above, please get in touch, we're sure we can help.

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Our initial consultancy service is totally free of charge - please get in touch for further details.

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